About Voodoo Ride

Voodoo Ride is an exciting range of car care products which is taking the Australian automotive community by storm and is rapidly gaining an enviable reputation in the car show and racing scenes.

Voodoo Ride

Voodoo Ride is a hardcore car care and lifestyle products company, co-founded in early 2007 by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Voodoo Ride may be a new company, but has over 12 years experience in product research, development and usage from both the auto and marine surface care industries.

Voodoo Ride products are made in the USA using the latest technology, high grade materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Voodoo Ride Australia

Voodoo Ride Australia is the exclusive Australian distributors of the entire range of Voodoo Ride products and merchandise. Voodoo Ride Australia is part of the HPF Group of companies which includes the highly regarded Horsepower Factory, home of some of Australia's most powerful street cars.

Voodoo Ride Australia began operation late in 2008 and has successfully continued to grow and interact with car enthusiasts.

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